CD_Never_Know_cover.jpg This is Wavegarden's first recording since moving to Bali in 2009, and it's easy to hear the influence of the Gamelan in several of the tracks. It's also the first time Carlos and LeAnn have made a CD with multiple, layered tracks, which opened up many fun possibilities.

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Carlos Michael: crystal singing bowls, tabla, sitarne, and voice; LeAnn Eriksson: voice, various flutes, crystal singing bowls, sitarne, sansula, and marxophone; Brad McKee: piano. Recorded and mixed by Rob Weber in Laplapan/Ubud, Bali, and in Berlin and Hamburg by Andrew Levine of blumlein records; mastered by Ivo Sedláček of Savita Music. Photo of tulip by LeAnn Eriksson; cover design, text and Wavegarden logo by LeAnn Eriksson.

ⓒ and ⓟ 2010, Wavegarden and
blumlein records (tracks 6, 9). Click here for more information on individual tracks and lyrics.
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