Laraaji Nadananda

  Laraaji Nadabrahmananda is a meditator, laugh-master and cosmic musician who has performed in Europe, Asia and in the United States with his specially designed electric zither. He also uses the African Mbire, piano, synthesizers, hand drums, percussion, Tibetan gong, and voice in his presentations. Early collaboration with producer Brian Eno led to Laraaji's first internationally distributed recording Ambient #3—Day of Radiance. This was the first of many recordings. Laraaji is the creator and facilitator of Laughter Meditation Workshops in the United States and abroad; empowering workshops that acknowledge and honor the ability of our laughter to take us into deep relaxation and receptivity to meditation.

Arne Frercks


Arne Frercks is a musician and sound therapist who plays hang, body tambura, monochord, sansula and other percussion. He was born and raised in Schleswig, a small town near the Danish border in nothern Germany. Music played an important role in his family, and as he grew up he played guitar and other instruments in various bands. He has toured in Australia, the USA, and all over Europe. Since he added sound therapy in 2006, Arne has also been using a soundbed with his other instruments to assist clients with relaxation and wellness.

Michael Poelchau


Michael Poelchau was born in Dallas, Texas, into a musical family. He began violin at age eight, and moved to Germany at ten. As a teenager, he began exploring folk and rock music on the violin, and played in numerous orchestras, folk ensembles and rock bands. Michael is an admirer and practitioner of traditional Irish music, and is an active player in the Bonn/Cologne area and in his current home city of Berlin.



Kim Riccelli is a self-proclaimed explorer of consciousness. He enjoys experiencing life as an adventure, and uncovering its mysteries by following his joy, intuition, and any enticing smells...he is sometimes a sound sculptor, and delights in creating soothing sonic environments through the use of the hang, a hand-played steel melodic percussion instrument, as well as hand drums, gongs, assorted percussion, voice, and anything else that happens to inspire him. He is enraptured by resonance, and spends a great deal of his time dreaming new instruments and sonic tools into existence. Kim is deeply in Love with life, and deeply grateful for every moment.