Carlos Michael and LeAnn Eriksson, as Wavegarden, play unusual, powerful world music using crystal singing bowls, various kinds of flutes, zithers, voice, and tabla and other percussion.

Wavegarden concerts are full-body experiences. Human bodies, madeup of over 70% water, resonate with the vibrations from crystal singing bowls and go into a nearly involuntary relaxed state. The bowls also have a strong effect on the brain, not only slowing its activity into alpha or theta wave patterns, but also putting it into a state called Hemi-Sync®, meaning that waves from the two hemispheres are synchronized.

This state of mind and body is an invitation for audiences to allow space into their lives, for whatever they need...healing, personal growth, spiritual exploration, or simply better sleep at night.

Wavegarden music is hard to put into a genre...ambient, chill-out, folk, blues, Indian, Celtic, rock, pop and classical have all made their mark on these musicians...and "new age" feels limiting. Many crystal bowl players work with sounds only for vibrational healing. Wavegarden's sounds are musical as well as relaxing.

This music is best listened to with good headphones or a high-end audio system. Don't try it while driving!

*Hemi-Sync is a registered trademark of The Monroe Institute (TMI), a nonprofit education and research organization devoted to the exploration of human consciousness.